Art Display Guidelines

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  1. The purpose of displaying artwork at the library is to provide space for artists and artistic groups to display their works for the enjoyment of library visitors. The displays improve the ambience at the library and enhance the library’s role as a community center. The library is used by families and children and this should be considered when choosing works to exhibit. Therefore, no nudes, pornography, or political statement art will be accepted. The library reserves the right to deny any piece of artwork.
  2. Art shows are for a two-month period. The art exhibit can be installed the first of the month and must be removed the last of the month. Exhibit months are: February/March; April/May; June/July; August/September.
  3. Artwork must be suitable to hang on hooks and wires or be placed in display cases. 2-D items such as photographs, paintings, collages, and decorative wall hangings must be ready to install with proper hardware such as eyehooks and wire hangers.
  4. Art title cards can be attached to artworks. If this is not possible, title cards can be attached to the art grids or art wires. If library display cases are used, art title cards can be placed on card holders.
  5. The library gallery is not intended to be a commercial venue. Prices are not to be displayed with the artwork. However, a price list can be kept at the Circulation Desk with artist contact information. A donation may be made to the library after the exhibit.
  6. The library does not insure artworks and assumes no liability in case of damage or theft. An exhibition agreement must be signed by the artist before the show (see attached).
  7. The library will provide informational flyers and posters for the art exhibit. A press release will be sent to local newspapers. In addition, art exhibit information will be posted on the library’s website. The title and a brief description of the exhibit is required.
  8. Prospective exhibitors should fill out the attached form to apply for an art show.
  9. If approved, exhibitors will be required to fill out Exhibition Agreement form.

For questions, contact Ann Parker at the library 716-353-9915 or email with Art Show Information in the subject line.

Art Space Information