King Memorial Library Five Year/Strategic Plan

 Goal 1.  High Speed Internet and Wireless Access:


  • Attend workshops at the library system.
  • Ensure that staff is up to date in training.
  • Continue to keep up with upgrades to the computers and software in the library.
  • Promote the fact that residents/patrons have access to KML resources.

Goal 2. Develop New and Creative Approaches to Advertising Library Services, Programs and Events.


  • Enhance relationships with other town organizations to enhance outreach.
  • Improve library website.

Goal 3.  Continue to provide our patrons with a vibrant collection of popular materials.


  • Weed and reorganize the audio book collection
  • Reassess the way the materials budget is allocated. Look at what people are checking out/ placing on hold/ patron input.
  • Encourage patron suggestions of titles for purchase.
  • Review magazine circulation numbers for both old and new magazine titles and assess before renewing subscriptions. Examine ways to reorganize magazines so that we can offer more titles.
  • Weed regularly to keep the collection relevant.

Goal 4. Continue to maintain and enhance the building and grounds.


  • With custodial and facilities staff, develop a maintenance schedule for the building, including batteries, painting, cleaning etc.
  • New projects to improve the building/ grounds.
  • Clean out storage closet in compliance with fire code.
  • Promote volunteer opportunities with grounds upkeep.

Goal 5.  Develop and implement new programs for a range of ages and interests, to maintain the library as a hub for culture, social and education in the community.


  • Offer programming that addresses the needs of adults in the community, such as author events, art programs, lectures, etc.
  • Offer programming that addresses the needs of children in the community, from toddlers to young adults.   
  • Look for new grant opportunities for programming.
  • Solicit patron input for program wants/needs.

 Goal 6.  Offer our patrons relevant and needed services in a friendly, helpful manner.


  • Investigate options for purchasing a printer that would allow printing from laptops.
  • Consider purchasing a tablet for use at the library and circulation.
  • Provide homework/ research help for students.
  • Work with school to have materials on hand for special projects.

Goal 7. Assess the financial situation of the library Objectives:

  • Seek new ways to be environmentally conscious, save on paper, efficient electronics and lighting etc.
  • Encourage financial gifts.
  • Increase Pioneer School Tax Referendum amount on a timely basis.

Goal 8.  Re-assess the Library’s Hours.


  • Solicit additional patron input
  • Change hours if appropriate
  • Determine how best to change hours, if appropriate.