Maggie and Moses

Maggie (gray cat) and Moses (black cat) are our feline residents at the library.  Maggie, a stray, gave birth to four kittens at the library.  Moses was adopted by library staff, (as was his mother, Maggie) one was adopted by the library director, and another was adopted by a local woman.  Sadly, the “runt of the litter” did not survive, but Maggie was a wonderful mother to her surviving boys.  Maggie and Moses have been at KML since 2006; we hope they have numerous nine lives!

Donations are accepted for our cats’ upkeep, vet bills, food, litter and cat toys (and occasional “treats”).  If you would like to make a donation, stop in at the library for some quality cat time, and drop your donation in the donation box on the circ desk.