The King Memorial  Library and its facilities are to be used for library purposes only. Conduct that interferes with that use or is inconsistent with that use is not permitted. This policy has been adopted for the comfort and protection of all who use library materials and services. Library staffs will courteously, but firmly, enforce this policy.

Conduct will not be permitted if it is disruptive, disturbing, or potentially harmful to others, if it otherwise interferes with the enjoyment and use of the Library by other customers, or if it is inconsistent with the Library’s mission. This includes, but is not limited to: disorderly conduct, noise, or activity that interferes with the rights of others, whether intentional or inadvertent; physical abuse or threatening behavior or language; disobeying the directions of library staff members; or, the misuse of library materials, equipment or furnishings. Expulsion from the library and/or loss of library privileges, on a temporary or permanent basis, may result from violations of this policy.

  • Patron identification, such as name, address and phone number may be requested.
  • Large bags, backpacks, suitcases or other containers are not permitted in the library unless the patron voluntarily agrees that these items may be searched.
  • Each patron is responsible for any fines, fees or other charges due in accordance with the library’s standard schedules. Failure to pay these fines may result in the suspension of library privileges.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property. After 30 days all items are donated to charity.

Examples of Unacceptable Activities

The following are examples of behaviors which are not permitted because they interfere with the enjoyment and use of the Library by other customers, present a health or safety hazard, or are inconsistent with the Library’s mission. This list is not exhaustive, but is provided to illustrate the types of behaviors prohibited under this policy.

  • Engaging in loud, aggressive, or threatening conduct; fighting or challenging another to a fight; using profane language or obscene behavior or engaging in harassing behavior of any kind.
  • Engaging in loud conversations, screaming, yelling, or making any other noise that disturbs other library users.
  • Sleeping or lying down.
  • Bringing food or drink into computer areas.
  • Use of tobacco products including e-cigarettes and the use or influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited.
  • Defacing, misusing or stealing library materials, equipment or computer resources.
  • Tampering with, altering, editing, or damaging computer hardware and/or software.
  • Entering or using the library in bare feet, or without a shirt.
  • Having bodily hygiene that is so offensive as to constitute a disturbance to other customers using the library.
  • Using audio equipment including mobile devices, with or without headphones, at a volume that is audible to others.
  • Using mobile phones or devices to engage outside of designated areas. Mobile devices may be used to engage in conversation in designated areas or in the lobby or stairwells.
  • Bathing or changing clothing in public restrooms.
  • Engaging in any kind of sexual activity or lewd behavior, or sexually harassing any other person.
  • Blocking aisles or pathways so that access to library materials, equipment, or facilities is prohibited
  • Entering staff areas by customers; using meeting rooms without authorization; or improperly using stairwells, elevators, or other areas in and around library buildings.
  •  Carrying weapons of any kind.
  • Soliciting in the library or on library property or distributing and/or posting literature that has not been approved by the Library administration.
  • Bringing animals, other than guide and service animals, into the library.
  • Committing any act that would violate any State, Federal or local law, ordinance or regulation.
  • Using any library resource, including its public access computers/wi-fi network to engage in illegal activity which violates this policy or to injure or harass another person.


Loss of Library Privileges

  • If a customer creates a public nuisance, or violates any policy set forth herein, that customer may be restricted from the Library or from the use of the library facilities by the staff, on either a temporary or permanent basis. Those who are unwilling to leave, or who do not leave within a reasonable amount of time after being instructed to do so by the staff, may be subject to removal by the NYS Troopers and possible prosecution.
  • Any patron who violates Library rules and regulations shall be denied the privilege of access to the Library. All staff members have the right to deny access to the Library if in their judgment, library policies have been abused.
  • Any person whose library privileges have been revoked under this policy may make a written request of the Director for a reinstatement of privileges. Reinstatement of privileges may be conditioned on future compliance. Reinstatement of privileges will be at the sole discretion of the Director or his/her designee.
  • Library policies are posted on the King Memorial Library web site and are available upon request. Requests should be directed to: Director, KML,,PO Box 509, Machias, New York, 14101, (716) 353-9915.

All staff members are responsible for compliance with this policy. The Executive Director or his/her designee is responsible for issues regarding banning and reinstatement.

As stated above.